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Theta-7 Acquisitus – Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team

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An expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, this box includes 6 miniatures – one of which is an exclusive Commander, the Tech-Priest Manipulus – a scenery set, a background booklet, as well as brand-new Tactics and Mission cards. Included:

– 8-page Theta-7 Acquisitus booklet
– 17 Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics cards
– 5 Adeptus Mechanicus Commander Tactics cards
– 4 Mission cards
– 2 Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team tokens sheets
– 6 Adeptus Mechanicus datacards
– A Balphamus Vaulk Tech-Priest Manipulus ability tree card that presents a new Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest specialism that can only be used by Balphamus Vaulk.
– 1 multipart plastic Tech-Priest Manipulus (exclusive to this set), armed with magnarail lance, omnissian staff and mechadendrites, supplied in pre-coloured red plastic
– 5 multipart plastic Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarian Infiltrators armed either with stubcarbine and power sword, or taser goad and flechette blaster. They can be built instead as Sicarian Ruststalkers, depending on your preference, carrying either paired transonic blades, or a combination of chordclaw and transonic razor. All miniatures are supplied on red-coloured plastic.
– 1 set of Ryza-pattern Ruins

Also included in this box are rules for using all of these miniatures in your games of Warhammer 40,000.


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