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26 plastic miniatures, each supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round Base:
15 Corpse Grinder Cultists- Khorne-worshiping cannibals
5 Palanite Enforcers- the law on Necromunda
6 Palanite Subjugators- heavily armed officers bringing swift justice
A vast array of modular scenery
Double-sided play surface
All of the dice, tokens, cards and templates needed to play
An Enforcer Patrol transfer sheet

Also included is a 128-page softback rulebook containing:
Background on the rebellions that bubble under the surface of Necromunda and details of the fall of Hive Arcos
The rules for playing games of Necromunda
The Uprising Campaign- a complete narrative campaign featuring the desperate decline of a Hive
Multiple scenarios that capture the feel of a Hive descending into lawlessness
Rules for creating your own Enforcer Patrol or Corpse Grinder Cult gang
Rules for all of the weapons and wargear available to gangs and fighters through their House Equipment lists
Full list of all of the skills available to fighters

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