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In this 88 page hardback battletome, youll learn the history of the Flesh eater Courts in the Mortal Realms, from their long lost origins as noble courts, through to their hard fought battles in the Soul Wars, all illustrated with dark and sumptuous art. Youll discover how their strange society operates a vile pastiche of mannered courtly life with a distinctly macabre twist. The battletome goes on to cover just how the Flesh eater Courts go to war, showcased by several themed warscroll battalions and all the warscrolls needed to field an army of cannibals on the tabletop from the serried, scrabbling ranks of the Crypt Ghouls to towering monstrosities like the Royal Zombie Dragon.

Youll be able to customise your Flesh eater Courts army with a host of allegiance abilities, including rules for different Grand Courts, which allow you to dedicate your mordants to one of the legendary Flesh eater Court kingdoms.

Battletome Flesh eater Courts lets you customise your champions with a selection of sinister artefacts, as well as a blood drenched spell lore that allows you to enhance the dark strength of your units. The included Path to Glory rules and bespoke missions are perfect for learning your armys rules, while for collectors, a showcase of beautifully painted miniatures, alternative colour schemes and painting tips are fantastic for inspiring your own army.

This book contains
13 warscrolls, 3 Endless Spell warscrolls and a warscroll for the Charnel Throne terrain piece.
9 warscroll battalions that reward themed armies with special rules
The Lore of Madness a special set of spells for Flesh eater Courts Wizards
Background, allegiance abilities, command traits and artefacts of power for each of the following Grand Courts Morgaunt, Hollowmourne, Blisterskin, and Gristlegore
A gallery of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures to inspire your own work
Pitched Battle profiles for all units

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