In store gaming

We have a large gaming hall that is available for all customers to use. We have over 20 full size tables; players are free to play any game system on these tables. We have many groups that play on different nights as well as planned Friday nights for systems. So wether you are into Warhammer 40k, Malilfaux, X-Wing, Warmahordes, Age of Sigmar and more we are happy to host it.

Event Days

​We host many tournaments; Game days; Campaigns and Leagues.
We ask that if anyone is wanting tables call ahead to make sure tables are free for them.

We encourage players to bring their figures/scenery in to paint, we have a dedicated area for paints with plenty of room. We also have an area to spray models, we also have a airbrush which the staff can use for your larger models or scenery. Please bring your own paints and sprays.


We are also happy to help new or existing players in learning a system. We have a range of models to borrow for those looking to play before they pay. Currently in store the games we can demo with in store models are:

  • Warhammer 40k
  • Age Of Sigmar
  • Malifaux
  • Marvel/DC Universe
  • Warmachine
  • Hordes
  • X-Wing
  • Blood Bowl
  • Imperial Assualt
  • Bolt Action
  • Star Wars Admarda
  • Final Fantasy TCG
  • Pokemon
  • Magic the Gathering
  • A Game Of Thrones LCG