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Imps Blog – The Future Awaits!

This is the brand new blog for Imps Gaming and Imps Studios.

In this blog the Imps Crew will keep you up to date with monthly newsletters full of information on upcoming tournaments; new releases; local events; painting projects and much more.

In addition to these monthly newsletters, we will be providing more in-depth content in the form of tri-weekly posts.

Each week our blog posts will be broken down as follows:

Mondays – To kick off the week we will inform you about the newest releases for the coming week, and what to expect from your favourite tabletop systems. This post will also contain news about theme days in-store, as well as updates of the events that happened over the previous weekend and the new tournaments for the coming week.

Wednesday – This is for the hobbyists and painters. We will be running a series called ‘Tale of Three Painters’ where the Imps Crew show off some of the projects they have been working on that week. We will also provide updates on any painting competitions going on, and requests to showcase other players’ workgiving you a chance to be seen by the rest of the community.

Fridays – To finish off the week the Crew will pick some of their favourite games of the week in the form of Battle Reports. This will give players a chance to see some new miniatures in action, and delve into the tactics and rules of the different systems. We will also be running through some the of the newest FAQ and Errata, explaining what will change and providing thoughts on how this may affect the competitive scene’s meta.

Imps Studios will also being posting reports on the work going on at the Studio. Our studio offers a range of high quality miniature painting and modelling services, from small “Tabletop Ready” projects, to beautifully painted tournament armies and display pieces.

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For any more information on Imps Gaming you can find us on:

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